Bars cover motorisation

According to our concept of motorization of bubble cover, we can offer a motor 2 times more
powerful, motorize the reels of bars covers.
Mounting will be as easy as for the bubble cover winder (3 minutes)
All the control elements and the electrical reserve are integrated on the motor.

Motorisation B Bar 4R (3+) (002)

The set includes:

Lithium Batterie
Electronical control
Radio receiver
Rings to fix and subjection
Support ax
Radio transmitter
Very simple movement controlled by a remote controlment. Operation is done using 1 buttons of the remote control, one to wind, one to unwind.
An emergency button has been provided.
The winding speed is about 4 meters/minute (4.37 yards)
Winding capacity with capacity with motor 50Nm cover winding of 6 x 12, possible 7 x 14 meters
Motor 12 volts 50 Nm power supply with batterie Lithium Iron Manganese
Remote control with DTMF security coding
Loading time 8 Hours
Autonomy about 2 months for 1 daily winding and 1 unwinding.
Charge control of the batteries by integrated electronical system

Solar panel 5 Watts permitting permanent battery charging
Remote control 4 buttons or 12 buttons additional
Mobile Support and any other possible concept