bubbles covers kit

We have designed an economic motorization to coil the covers of bubbles for swimming pools. The assembly is very simple, it needs less than 2 minutes. All the elements of control and the electrical reserve are integrated on the motor.

moteur bulles

The set contains:

Battery Lithium
Electronic control
Radio receiver
Rings of Suport and traction
Axis support
Radio transmitter
Very simple movement piloted by a remote control the functioning is done using 2 buttons of the remote control, one to roll and another to unroll.

A push button of security has been foreseen on the engine. The speed of the rolling near 5 meters per minute, for a pipe of 100 mm.
Capacity of rolling for the base engine coverage 6 x 12
Motor 12 volts fed by battery of Lithium, Iron and Magnesium
Remote control with safety codification in DTMF
Time of load 3 Hours
Autonomy near of 2 months for 1 daily use.
Load control battery integrate on the motor.

Solar panel 5 volts allow permanent load
Remote control 4 buttons or 12 buttons additional