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Motorized bubble pool cover roller

Economic system of motorization of flexible cover winder. Allows the use of the retractor by only one person. Piloted by remote control. Very easy to use and install. See commercial documentation (PDF format) See technical documentation (PDF format)

4 button transmitter

The only transmitter that can be programmed in conventional mode or DTMF type for access control. In addition each key is independent, and allows to mix these different encodings.   See commercial documentation (PDF format)

Solar panel

Solar panel used to charge the battery of the winder motors. Aesthetic panel, of reduced dimensions with aluminum edges. Available in single panel or with a stand for adjustment in 3 dimensions. Power 5 Watts Current 12 volts nominal Size 25 cm x 18.5 cm


System allowing the change of the advertising posters suspended in the aisles of stores, without any other accessory than a simple remote control. Regardless of the size of the poster, the bottom of the poster will always be at the same height.   See commercial documentation (PDF format)

12 button transmitor

The transmitter for easy home automation use, the TX 12 Keys can individually control up to 10 000 different automations. Code memorization is made simple by using a mnemonic technique. Can control up to 1000 products.   See commercial documentation (PDF format)