electronical control box for cover pools

This box has been conceived to respond to the growing demand of remote controls for pool covers.
In addition, this box has the particularity of being able to command all the engines that currently exist in the market, whether they are mechanical limit switches, digital encoders, that is, a single reference for any motor.
In order to minimize costs, we have associated the control of the motor and receiver of the remote control with a single card, which meets the most demanding regulations, such as the French one.

1) Power 24 volts AC or DC (12 volts also possible).
2) Opening and closing limit switch or digital encoder.
3) Programming opening and closing independent, management of idle opening, closing, starting and stopping
4) Opening and closing command via pushbutton, external key, fixed remote control or mobile
5) Integrated remote control function (3 different codes are available)
6) Opening and closing can be one touch or continuously push separately.
7) Security starting by amperes, to protect anchors fixations.
8) Security regulated by potentiometer, normal and tune modes.
9) Possibility to choose start and stop full speed or slow motion mode.
10) Information cover closed (dry contact) for electrolysis or others.
11) forced operation function
12) General reset mode.
13) Information by LED movement or safety operation.
14) Solar panel control in option. (management 12V – 24V separately).
15) Control stop in case of power failure for optical encoder.

The box contents:

Electronic card
Radio receiver
Fuse holder
3 pass-through wires
Box PVC 180 x 260.
Protection IP 65.

1) Lighting module
2) solar panel module power supply in 12 volts for 24 Volts motors.
3) Control card for external light.