Pool lamps

Multicromatic Lamp PAR56

Multicolored LED with a perfect white. Total power 36W.



This lamp has the particularity of being multicromatic, besides the white colour shines as a monochromatic lamp. 

Full equipped with 12 LEDS Tri Chip of 3 Watts each one, the brightness is 2.800 lumens and his 120º angle diffusion brings a greater clarity.

This 2.800 lumens potency, brings a substantial improvement to illuminate your swimming pool beside the consumption is only 35 Watts.

Remote Control


4 or 12 touch edition.

            One touch for switch on and switch off.

            One touch for select the colours.


A radio receptor, connected before or after the 12 Volts transformer, will make it possible to change the colours.


The 220 Volts receptor has a second input to light one external lamp if it’s necessary, for light the external area of the swimming pool

Technical Characteristics


  • Dimensions 178×110 mm.
  • Electric Intensity 12 volts AC.
  • Total Potency of 36 Watts.
  • Lightness of 2800 lumens.
  • White polycarbonate rapier.


  • Lamp Program
    • White Strong
    • Yellow Strong
    • Turquoise
    • Malva
    • Red Strong
    • Deep Blue
    • Green solid
    • Ocre
    • Light Blue
    • Pink
    • Slow delay (10’’) in all colours.


  • A short stop (1”) will change the colour.
  • A stop between 3” and 9”, will restarts the lamp on the start colour (White).
  • All the stops larger than 10” will restart the lamp on the colour that was turned off.


See commercial documentation (PDF format)

See technical documentation (PDF format)