Module d’électrolyse MO 2003 ELY

De coste muy reducido, este módulo está concebido para pilotar los equipos de electrólisis, al mismo tiempo que las cubiertas, o independientemente.


Very low cost, this module is designed to pilot electrolysis equipment at the same time as the covers, or independently.

Connected to the RX1023 or 2023 receiver, the MO2033 module can receive any type of code and react by activating or deactivating the electrolysis equipment.

Piloting its cover, having put the same code to this module as to its receiver, when it opens or closes, it will activate or deactivate the action of its electrolysis.

It connects directly on the voltage of any card, but you can get a 220V version.


Connection to a receiver in our range from 12V to 35V AC DC

Contact Power: 5 Amps

Dimensions. 45 x 30 mm