Power box 1030 for 24V motors powered by solar panel

The board to manage 24V motors with solar panel and batteries.

Minimum consumption will extend the life of your batteries

Offering solar panels system will get you new customers


The board to manage 24V motors with solar panel and batteries.


Following the great demand to manage pool covers with solar panels, ASUTEC offers you a card with all the features you need to control 24V pool cover motors.


* A single card manages the motors; the solar panel; the remote control and the batteries.


* The same benefits as our 1033 VU cards, for many years on the market.


* Presented in a small box to put inside the stand of the reel


* The card goes to stand by mode to save the batteries (3mA) and wakes up when needed.


* Very simple and fast programming


* Possibility to control by smartphone


* And, as always, the best price.

Features and benefits of use.


1) 24 volt solar power supply

2) Consumption reduced to 3mA

3) Opening and closing on motor limit switch or digital encoder.

4) Management of opening and closing slowdowns at start and stop.

5) Command to open and close by external push button; by external key; and by fixed or mobile remote control.

6) Integrated remote control function (3 different codes possible).

7) Opening and closing ordered separately in maintained mode, or in impulse mode.

8) Starting safety by stop amp, to protect the fasteners. Adjustment by potentiometer.

9) Permanent security of maximum power to protect the blades.

10) Choice of start and stop in idle or full power mode.

11) Elimination of idling at the end of opening.

12) Forced operation function

13) General reset mode.

14) Control of power cut when stopped and in operation.

15) Programming of races by remote control. (Motor with encoder)

Plastic box size::  20 X 8.4 X 4.2 cm