Slats pool cover motor

The first and the only tubular motor with limit switch by digital encoder and manual emergency system.

The digital encoder allows a very simple programming. Just open the cover and program and record the travel. Once is recorded, is ready.
The manual system allows in case of failure (power, electronics, etc), to open the cover manually.

Three torques available: 80 , 140 and 200 N/m.

Controlled by ‘’TBT1033VU’’ electronic card, the movements are in slow mo-tion when starting, (You can program 10 , 20 o 30’’), allow in a right cover posi-tioning , then accelerates till maximum speed while the movement, to finish at slow motion the last 5 seconds.  

1) Power 24 volts DC.
2) Emergency manual system.
3) Position control by digital encoder.
4) Slow motion de start and stop , opening and closing as well.
5) Electrolysis contact.
6) Anchor security.
7) Permanent power control.
8) Traction shaft Ø 30, traction by 8*80 pin.


3 torques available
Motor 80 N/m at 12 r.p.m speed
Motor 140 N/m at 6 r.p.m speed
Motor 200 N/m at 4 r.p.m speed

Unique Diameter 59 mm, adaptable at all kinds of existing tubes existing on the market.
Traditional concept, they are reliable, fast and powerful.


Solar panel card 12V for 24V motor.
Solar panel, battery.
Rings to adapt motors at your tube.
Axis adapted.
Remote control.
Remote control according French law