Sumersible motors for cover pools

100% waterproof motor for underwater reel, with digital encoder.
Our encoder system is not a magnetic system so it will not be disturbed by the motor’s magnetic field. This encoder links 3000 minimum pulses per minute, providing unmatched precision.
This engine has the particularity of maintaining the roller tube directly on the holding part to the wall bracket. The engine has no other effort than the trans-lation. This concept avoids any twisting between the engine and the engine mount, which could create a loss of tightness.
Controlled by the electronic ” TBT1033VU ”, the movements are with idle at start, (Programmable of 10, 20 or 30 ”), which allows a good position of the cover, then the engine accelerates to its maximum speed during movement, to slow down for the 5 ” end of movement.
At the opening start, the electronics check that the fasteners have been re-leased.

1) 24 volts DC power supply.
2) Position control by digital encoder.
3) Start and stop idling in opening and closing.
4) Electrolysis contact.
5) Fastener safety.
6) Permanent control of the power.
7) Drive shaft Ø 30, pin drive 8 * 80.
8) Integrated HF receiver

We offer 2 engine powers
Engine 200 N / m at 5 rpm
Engine 300 N / m at 4 rpm

Single motor diameter of 120 mm,
Of traditional design they are reliable, fast, and powerful.

12 volt solar panel board with 24 volt motor.
Solar panel ; Batteries.
Training ring adjusted to your winding tubes.
Custom pole support axis.
Classic remote control.
French standard remote control.